Advantage for students

  • Students have the ability to send and receive messages from their teachers and school administrators.
  • They can download and view their time-table, report cards, assignments and tasks.
  • They can also submit their assignments online for evaluation.
  • Students have the ability to view and track the various events being conducted in their educational institution along with notification for upcoming events.
  • educo ERP facilitates students to search and reserve library books directly through their Library Management System.
  • Students may be given the option of taking the examination remotely and be provided with instant result of their examination.
  • They can also upload download and share documents and images from their dashboard to their fellow users – other students, teachers, administrators and parents.

Advantage for parents

  • Parents have the ability to view the report cards or results of their child/children instantly as its published.
  • They may fill in feedback forms online through the ERP application.
  • The parents have the option to view the institutional calendar for upcoming and past events and even get notification regarding upcoming event on their messaging system.
  • They have the ability to pay/submit their Childs’ fees, manage refunds, submit, view or edit registration documents, view and review their child’s classes and submit remarks on amy or all of the above.
  • In case of disciplinary incident, the parents may be notified online and have the ability to review and comment on the reports
  • The parents may view and review their ward’s timetable

Advantage for teachers

  • The teachers have the facility to upload the students’ performance reports online saving on both time and effort.
  • In case of time-table change, teachers can immediately intimate, view and modify the time-tables of their students on the school software system saving on time and paperwork.
  • They may also directly communicate with the students’ and the parents by sending messages and notifications on the school management system.
  • Examination Management may be done directly through educo ERP notifying the respected students, and teachers as required.
  • Examination results may be entered and managed online into educo ERPschool software which may subsequently also be viewed by student and parents.
  • educo ERP gives the ability to completely eliminate paperwork, by conducting exams online with its wide variety of question types, the institution has the ability to remotely conduct exams from anywhere and display the results instantly to the students and parents.

Advantage for administrators

  • Enables the administrators to view and manage the students’ progress instantly online through the school management system.
  • Easy submission and management of fees with a few clicks.
  • The educo ERP school software helps create and manage any kind of time-tables within minutes
  • Upload, download Data and Documents along with user access controls.
  • HR Management for managing information and payroll for all staff
  • Share the latest News and events happening in the institution with the students’ parents and staff officers.
  • Simplify the procedure of issue return and reservation of books and fine management on overdue books with the library management system.
  • The school management system enables customization of the import privileges for selective or all users
  • Generate custom reports for students or staff with a wide variety of filters
  • Facilitates assigning and management of tasks to an individual or group of users. The School Management system also enables, commenting and moderation of the comments.

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