Any educational institution on a daily basis needs to balance the needs of its various stakeholders. It needs to manage the islands of information and cut through the various bottlenecks that impede growth of an institution.

educo ERP has created a comprehensive School Management software system that can support any institution’s day to day administration in an effortless way.


Seamless integration & data consolidation, leading to improved decision making capability.


This system has a dashboard that is quite user friendly which can be accessed by the management, teachers, staffs, students and parents at ease. It could be used for looking at a list of admission of students, generating certificates or to provide any kind of assistance in a seamless way.


This means you can align your school management with different activities to join a single force which makes it less demanding. So this is the ultimate solution that any institution may need to manage their administration.


It is a fresh wave for educational institutions, harnessing the power of innovation to enhance efficiency within institutions, putting all users at the hub of education, unrestricted by time and place.

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