Courses and Batches

Configure and manage multiple courses and batches using the school software.


Create and manage timetables easier than ever before with optimum utilization of staff, by simply following a few steps. Create any type of time table schedule, weakly timetable to daily substation timetables, teacher’s timetable etc.

Student admission

Complete admission process is managed with higher efficiency using the school management systems customized forms to enable best student fit.

Institution/ Event calendar

Create view and Manage events with colour coded notification.

Parent/ Students login

Separate login for students and parents.

Report center

Generate and view various reports for the students’, parents or teachers.

Human resources

Create and view employee details with employee payroll management.


Schedule and manage examinations in the school software, which supports various formats such as CBSE, ICSE, CWA and GPA.

News management

Create and Manage Latest News for users to view with the school management system.


Generate and automate financial transactions such as fee submission, employee payments etc. to have a secure, robust and comprehensive system enabling easy cost and expenditure management.

Employee/ Teacher login

Personalized login for each employee, with separate privileges based on roles.

Custom student remarks

Provide feedback or remarks on students’ performance.

Student attendance

Manage and view and review students’ attendance on the school software.

Customizable dashboard

Customizable dashboard with option to add favorites applications.

User management

Manage, add remove users and assign privileges to employees- teachers, parents or students.

Student information

Search and access all student records on the school software.

Messaging system

The school management system enables communication between employees, teachers, parents and students.

SMS integration

Send text message directly to mobile through educo ERP between teachers, parents, students and employees.


Manage assignments and homework, setting due dates and tracking submission.


Manage hostel and residential facilities, allocate rooms, manage hostel fees etc.


Manage campus recruitment process for students.

Applicant registration

Enable online registration with customized application registration form.


Customize the look and feel of the application based on the colors of the educational institution.

Custom report

Create custom reports using wide range of filters.

Instant fee

Collect and manage fees directly on the school management system.


Assign and track tasks assigned to students’, employee or a group.


Manage inventory create invoice and generate purchase orders on the school software.

Data management

Manage institutional data with ease and effectiveness with the school management system.

Fee import

Manage student fee collectionson the school software.


Catalogue books, maintain record, and track books – assigned or overdue with integrated barcode scanning facility with the Library Management System in the school software.


Manage institutional vehicles, assign and manage routes and transportation cost and fees very easily on the school management system.


Create and manage polls on the school software.


Record track and manage disciplinary incidents of students and employees.

Data export

Backup and export data into formats such as doc and pdf.

Mobile version

Mobile version for receiving messages, alerts and monitoring attendance.

Payment gateway

Enables secure online fee payment.

App frame

Enables running of 3rd party apps within the software without exiting educo ERP.


Moderate discussions which enable teachers, students, parents and employees interact through forums for discussing various topics.


Upload, organize and share images of events and other organizational activities with users on the school software.

Google SSO

Secure and seamless integration of google account with educo ERP’s school management system.

Email integration

Customize and integrate email settings of users with educo ERP for better and easier interaction.


Enables transfer of financial data from educo ERP’s school management system to tally.

Google doc

Access documents uploaded to Google Docs from educo ERP and vice versa.

Online exam

Conduct online examinations enabling users to appear for the test from any remote location with ability to see the results immediately.

API access

Integrate with 3rd party applications to extend the existing functionality of the school software.

Custom import

Upload bulk data directly into the school software using csv files.

Form builder

Build custom forms with drag and drop option for creating forms.

Doc manager

Management of files and documents with user based access control.


Send and receive reminder messages on mobile and email between users.


The school software enables organization and management of multiple batches of students.


Enable teachers, students, parents and employees to create, publish and share blog posts amongst themselves.


Monitor and track user activities at real time.

Azure integration

Integrate to login with Microsoft account details.

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